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A Little CUMC History

Formed in 1888, Cornelia United Methodist was the first church built in Cornelia, Georgia by Methodist Minister Dr. H. P. Fitch. Starting with humble beginnings of 20 members, the Methodist shared a small, white frame church with local Baptists until the Baptists could build a church of their own. The church relocated to different locations throughout Cornelia for expansion and once due to a fire in 1955 before settling on Wiley Street. The building was consecrated in June of 1967 and remains in here today. In 1988 Cornelia United Methodist Celebrated its centennial year under the theme "100 years United in Faith and Committed to Christ." The year 2013 served as the 125th anniversary of Cornelia United Methodist as well as the 15 year anniversary of the Latino ministry that began in 1998 and was consecrated in 2001 moving to a separate facility in Baldwin, Georgia. 


As God has revealed in the Scriptures, a church is a living organism that has its strength and life through its connection to Jesus Christ. For over 125 years, the Spirit of Crist has expressed the ministry of the Kingdom of God through the worship, witness, service and prayers of the Cornelia United Methodist Church. Godly people, both past and present, have given themselves freely in service to God and the world through Cornelia UMC. We can only stand in awe of their faith and vision that has resulted in such a vibrant church. 


We are grateful not only for those who have served faithfully in different times, but we can give thanks for those who presently share with us in service, learning and witness. We truly have been "fearfully and wonderfully made."

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